How do Atlantic cities communicate?

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AT.Brand is a partnership of six cities: Dublin, Liverpool, Cardiff, La Rochelle, San Sebastian and Faro, plus the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities, working on three areas:
•    cross-learning on innovative city branding, open to any interested practitioner;
•    implementation of pilot actions in each of the participating cities, matching specific needs and with high potential for transferability;
•    exploration on trans-national co-branding in the Atlantic area, including open consultation to a wide range of stakeholders in the macro-region.
The project analysed already two strategic aspects of integrated city branding. First, unifying city narratives duly translated into strategic messaging and related imagery by means of brand tool kits (Liverpool, June 2014). Secondly, the project focused on governance, as a matter of bringing together the range of local stakeholders with a relevant role interacting with different audiences and target groups (La Rochelle, December 2014). Now the third AT.Brand international workshop enters the more operational ground of communication action planning.

Thus, this third AT-Brand workshop will take place in San Sebastian (Spain) on April 21st and 22nd. This event will cover the communication actions in today´s city branding & marketing. Cities will talk about the different actions they make to improve the communication of their city. San Sebastian will be the European Capital of Culture in 2016.

The Agenda will be announced shortly. You can pre-register at


Practical information

Briefing of the workshop


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