First Atlantic Forum on Sustainable Development: Vigo

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Under the title “First Atlantic Forum on Sustainable Development» an event is developed so as to shape a meeting between industry experts and a meeting point for sustainable development actors. With representation from the three thematic blocks that make up Bioatlántic and that determine how to design, realize and enjoy living spaces with full respect for the environment. Only through discussion and sharing of knowledge will be it possible to advance solutions that contribute to the practice of sustainability.

Thus, this event wants to respond to environmental and energy issues through presentations for professionals and small and medium enterprises, and by addressing issues of great importance in the economic and social development. It seeks to promote a more balanced development model as the only way to guarantee the future of humanity.

This event, which will take place on September 30, will feature the Mayor of Vigo, D. Abel Caballero to conduct a presentation on urban mobility scenarios, the coordinator of the CCAA, Tamara Guirao, who will present the challenges of Sustainable Urban Development in the Atlantic Arc and a representative of ADTERRA, Rosa Leis, to explain the initial results of the ANATOLE project.


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