Atlantic Strategy: One step forward

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The basin of the Atlantic Arc has seen acknowledged its development potential in the Communication on a Maritime Strategy for the Atlantic Area, published this week by the European Commission. Thus, the Atlantic Arc follows the path already taken by other basins like the Baltic, the Mediterranean and the Arctic through a strategy under the IMP. Through the development and creation of synergies in areas such as energy, the exploitation of the seabed, fishing, transport and employment, this strategy will ensure streamlined and efficient use of already available funds.
The communication undertakes a deep analysis of the opportunities and threats to the European Atlantic territories, mentioning also their international dimension. This analysis and the orientations stemming from it should be the basis for the discussion in 2012 in the “Atlantic Forum” which defines, from the contributions of all stakeholders gathered in various workshops, an Action Plan to be implemented in 2013.
With regard to this Strategy, the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities has published several position papers that can be viewed HERE.