How do Atlantic Cities cooperate ?

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Cooperation among Atlantic Arc Cities is the core of the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities. As a summary, the different dimensions of this cooperation can be observed through the agenda of Tamara Guirao, CAAC coordinator, yesterday June 9 :

Morning : Meeting with the European Affairs department of La Rochelle Agglomeration.

The first goal of the meeting was to debrief on the National Event of the Atlantic Strategy (held in La Rochelle the day before). Afterwards there was some discussion on the current EU calls for projects, and how they fit the Atlantic Urban Strategy. At the end of the session, both parties exchanged on the follow-up of the ATBrand project.

Afternoon : Meeting with the Association of Agricultural Chambers of the Atlantic Arc – Nantes

Cooperation among Atlantic networks is solid and provides a basis for integrated approaches in territorial development. At this meeting held in Nantes, both organisations, AC3A and CAAC, exchanged on the opportunities made available by the different INTERREG B programmes such as North West Europe, Atlantic Area or SUDOE.

Evening : Why do European Cities cooperate ? – Nantes

In the framework of the Executive Committee of Eurocities, Nantes Métropole, founding member of CAAC and Eurocities president, organised an exchange with cities like Bristol or Warsaw around the topic of cooperation among local authorities.

You can listen to the podcast HERE

Conclusions : In the train back to Rennes

Some say, wrongly, that Atlantic Cities are peripheral. On the contrary, they are cities open to the Ocean, open to the World. When this dimension happens, cooperation is not a need, it is a destiny. An African saying goes like this « If you walk alone, you’ll walk fast. If you walk in group, you’ll go far ».


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