9/9/2015 RTA-ATN Report on the Atlantic Strategy

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In November 2011 the Atlantic Strategy identified the main challenges and opportunities that the European Atlantic seaboard faces in the maritime domain. In May 2013 an Action Plan for the Strategy was adopted, defining priorities and objectives for projects and to boost “blue growth” in the regions of the Atlantic façade.

RTA-ATN, the platform for the economic and social agents of the Atlantic regions, is aware of the importance of monitoring the implementation of this Action Plan to ensure not only that the tools necessary to the success of the Strategy are in place and functioning correctly, but also that they are known and accessible to the agents of the maritime economy, and has been working on this process. Against this background, RTA-ATN has drawn up a report on the first steps for the implementation of the Strategy,  focused on ownership of the Action Plan by the civil society agents of the Atlantic regions, and leading to a series of proposals in several areas, namely, communication, financing and governance.

RTA-ATN has organized an event to be held on 9th September, at which the conclusions and proposals of the report will be presented and a round table discussion will be held with the aim of contributing to initiatives and instruments to give a further impulse to the Action Plan and promote wider awareness and involvement among the actors of the Atlantic regions in the Strategy.

Brussels, 9th September, 14:30-17:15


  99, rue Belliard, 1040 Brussels


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