Registration is open: Congress of Europe’s borders: Territorial Smart cooperation

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The Congress, which will take place on 25-26 June in A Coruña, gathers for the first time all European borders in order to make their voices heard at a critical moment
The “Congress of Europe’s borders: smart cooperation“, to be held on 25 and 26 June in A Coruña will be the first European Congress of borders and peripheral territories. This event takes place at a time the rules of game both political and financial for the next period of 2014-2020 programming are being discussed; discussion that occurs at a particularly difficult time for the process of European construction.
The context of the current crisis is causing that the construction of social and citizens Europe that was promoted by Jacques Delors is being replaced by the Europe of bailouts, markets and cuts. So the border and peripheral territories have their future at stake and thus they doubt between pushing a way out of the crisis, which recovers the spirit of European construction, or submitting  to purely economic decisions that will not take into account the particularities inherent to their geography.

Faced with this situation, CECICN (Conference of European Cross-Border and Inter-regional city networks) has developed over the last year a strategy paper on territorial cooperation, addressed to the Community institutions and national and regional authorities. In this text, called “Strategic Document on Smart Cooperation”, CECICN defends some proposals to be integrated into the next programming period, in terms of territorial cooperation.
Participation of the assistants
During the celebration of the Congress contributions and reflections of the participants are is deemed the most important, especially in the discussions which will be maintained in the workshops that have been designed, precisely in order to give room and opportunity to all those who wish to express their positions, that will be subsequently submitted to the European institutions and political leaders. Should you wish to attend, please register at this link