An appointment with the francophone American Atlantic Arc.

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Québec City has been designated to receive the first World Forum of the French language in 2012, an international gathering of artisans, creators and promoters of the French language. Released by the International Organization of the Francophonie, the Forum is intended to exchange and reflect on issues concerning the place and the future of French in the world (850 million speakers)

RIFE 2012 (International Meetings of the Franco-Economy) is part of the “Global Forum of the French language” representing its economic dimension. Activities are therefore shared with the Forum and vice versa.

Some 1500 participants are expected to this dual event which will take place during the Quebec summer festival. RIFE 2012 will endeavour to define a strategy and propose concrete and quickly operational devices to allow Francophonie to affirm and strengthen its economic position on the international scene.

The Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities will be there, represented to increase awareness of our network, to strengthen the transatlantic historical links with the North American Atlantic networks but also with those on francophone Africa.