The Cities of the Atlantic Arc discuss on the Atlantic Strategy

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Within the European Congress of Borders: Smart Cooperation which will take place in A Coruña on 25 and 26 June, a special place has been reserved for an interactive discussion on the Atlantic strategy. Indeed, one of the workshops in the afternoon of 25 will allow stakeholders to inform themselves and contribute with their views on the strategy, while the plenary session of the 26 will offer a comparative perspective of this strategy with others in course, as the Baltic. In the same way, and already outside the official program, the cities of the Atlantic Arc will meet in the city of A Coruña on 26 June afternoon, to define its position before the Atlantic forum which will take place next autumn. Those interested in participating in these meetings can enroll in:
Similarly, the Conference of the Atlantic Arc cities will hold its 13th General Assembly in Brest on October 29, as the Atlantic Forum meeting in France will be the 30th in this same city. The General Assembly is the most important meeting of the year for the Conference, as it brings all members together with representatives of the European institutions.