The Mayor of Santander, elected president of Spanish Local Authorities

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The Mayor of Santander, Íñigo De la Serna was unanimously elected by the political groups that compose the Territorial Council as the President of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), which includes 90% (7324 entities) of the municipalities, counties, cabildos, and other local Spanish institutions.
De la Serna received the command from the hands of Juan Ignacio Zoido, Mayor of another Atlantic city, Seville. The Mayor of Santander declared that his work will focus on the promotion of “unity” and “transparency” in the municipal development. In his first allocution, he said that the Spanish local reform does not include “the removal or the fusion of the municipalities” and establishes a “delimitation of competences” and a “allocation of resources”. In this frame, the new president of the Federation stated that he will continue in the path of “dialogue” implemented by his predecessor.