Atlantic Youth: City at night, the place and the role for youth?

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Offering an ambitious cultural policy catering for all sections of the population is one of the commitments of the Atlantic Charter of San Sebastián, signed by the Atlantic cities.

In the framework of « Viva Cités –Rennes Métropole demain » next Friday October 4, 2012 Rennes Métropole and the city of Rennes will organize a symposium on the place and the role of youth in the night uses of public space. The exchange of good practice, the dissemination of new experimentation and alternative proposals will guide this meeting on the many facets of youth in the nightlife of a city (opening of places or public facilities on staggered schedules, life on campus, balance between different nocturnal uses of public space…).
In order to answer these questions, this day will be the opportunity to discover other initiatives and experiments conducted by other Atlantic cities. In this context, representatives of the city of Gijón will participate in the workshop “return on European experiences from 2005 to today. What balance?” with the aim to bring potential responses concerning the issue of prolonged (extended) occupation of public space and to make an overview on the evolution of local policies on youth in Europe. Experiences as « Abierto hasta el amanecer » (Open until dawn), have been used as example to set up other Atlantic initiatives like TONETA.

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