Documents of the General Assembly 2012

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Documents of the General Assembly 2012: approved by the General Assembly 2012

1. Activity Memo

2. Cooperation Report

3. Declaration of the City Ports Working Group

4. Proposal on the Atlantic Strategy Consultation (consulting cities)

5. Position on the Cohesion Policy

6. Final Declaration: The urban dimension of the Atlantic Strategy

7. Internal Documents (CAAC members): Internal Rules, Elections and Activity Reports

General Information on the Atlantic Strategy and Forum (only in English):

8. Presentation of the Atlantic Forum

9. Perspectives of the Atlantic Area Programme

10. Sea-Basin Strategies and EU Cohesion Policy

11. European Parliament: report on the Atlantic Strategy

12. Economic and Social Committee: Report on the Atlantic Strategy

13. Committee of the Regions: Report on the Atlantic Strategy

14. Atlantic Forum (DG MARE)

15 DG MARE elaboration and prospective evaluation of the Atlantic Action Plan




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