CAAC: a 2.0 network

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During the past two years, CAAC has become a digital network, through a daily and active online communication and the use of the new media such as the social networks or blogs. With the aim to fully tap the potential of our association and make it more visible, the CAAC has promoted the combination of the “traditional” tools with a strong presence on social networks.  As cities are more than city councils, our organization networks with citizens and other bodies in a dynamic and informal way.

The use of social networks such as Facebook or Twitter (and LinkedIn) allows us to be closer to  young people and professionals interested in territorial cooperation and urban development. Thus making our network more accessible and human-sized. Furthermore, those tools allow us to be at the front of the news, playing an active role in EU’s construction from cities’ and citizens’ perspective…  On the other hand, the Blog of the CAAC not only describes the agenda of the network and its lobbying activities but it also serves as an open forum for expression, dialogue and involvement of territorial cooperation stakeholders.
Moreover, projects like TONETA and ANATOLE count on CAAC expertise for disseminating their views and achievements through social media and webpages.
Stay tunned!


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