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The I International Conference (Faculdade de Letras University of Coimbra 18 and 19 March 2014) of the Journal Debating Europe was dedicated to the study, analysis, debate on the political, economic, diplomatic, social and cultural transformations occurring within the European project.

Within this overall theme, speakers analyzed the following topics:

• European Identity(ies) • Europe of Citizens • Europe – A community of and for Law • Diplomacy and the European Construction • Political and Economic Europe • A Europe open to the World

In this framework, Ms. Tamara Guirao, CAAC coordinator was invited to speak about the Atlantic Identity and its new translations, such as the ATBRAND project. As she explained, the Atlantic Area is characterised by great differences in development regarding capital regions of each State, and also by relatively important heterogeneity, particularly between the north and south, whilst it is supported by a network of medium-sized cities and constitutes Europe’s main maritime façade.

As ATBRAND project shows, rooted in European historic milestones like the Way of Saint James, the Discoveries or the Celtic heritage, the revival of the Atlantic Arc concept as a cultural transformation represents today an opportunity for the territories located in South-West Europe to enhance both its territorial marketing and their European stance; creating opportunities to improve European awareness among their citizens.

Latter on April, Ms. Guirao will submit a policy paper endeavouring to identify which are the strengths and the weaknesses of this strategy, providing several definitions of the Atlantic Arc as:

– a geographical continuum – as a space of European Territorial Cooperation – as the leading territory for Blue Growth – as a cultural phenomenon

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*ATBRAND is an INTERREG Atlantic Area project, co-financed by ERDF. It is leaded by Dublin City Council and partners are the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities, Liverpool, Cardiff, Donostia-San Sebastian, La Rochelle and Faro.

ATBRAND partners
ATBRAND partners

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