Atlantic Area 2014-2020 Public Consultation

Open until June 27th

The Atlantic Area Programme is submitted for consultation open to all stakeholders and potential beneficiaries, the objective being for the Working Group to verify the relevance of the choices made in relation to the defined strategy for the Programme, the Priority axes and Specific Objectives selected to respond to the identified challenges and needs of the Atlantic Area.

This is an outstanding opportunity to make your voice heard. From CAAC Secretariat we are currently preparing the urban response, which will be submitted to city members for comments on Friday.

Even if you are not a member of CAAC, we will be glad to count on your feedback. Please do not hesitate to have a look at the proposed programme and the questionnaire and come back to us with any issue you deem important at coordinator (a)

You may also opt to send your own response to the Programme Secretariat.

Please do not hesitate to spread the word around those stakeholders you deem interested.

Edito June 27th, 2014:

After consultation and contribution of CAAC members, the Secretariat has sent a policy position concerning the contents of the draft programme and the role that cities should play on it.

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