Atlantic Cities, experts in the blue skills

The MATES project (Maritime Alliance for fostering the European Blue Economy through a Marine Technology Skilling Strategy) intends to develop a skills’ strategy that addresses the main drivers of change to the maritime industry, in particular shipbuilding and offshore renewable energy. Both sectors are strongly linked and require new capacities to succeed in an increasingly digital, green and knowledge driven economy.

It is leaded by Centro Tecnologico del Mar in Vigo and supported by 17 partners and a selected group of experts. Tamara Espiñeira, secretary general of the Atlantic Cities, was nominated as expert on behalf of the She4Sea initiative that intends to attract more women to the Blue Economy. Moreover, Brest Metropole leads the “Blue Growth and Ocean” Committee for the network.

The role of experts is defined as “making an important contribution helping MATES to identify the current and future skills needed, and to address the main drivers of change in the Shipbuilding and Offshore Renewable Energy sectors” and the results of the analysis will be made available soon.

The Project is co-financed by Erasmus +, on the “Sector Skills Alliances” dimension and will run until December 2021. You can follow it on twitter: @ErasmusMATES

The association of Atlantic Cities can put you in contact with a wide array of experts and initiatives, do not hesitate to contact our secretariat in order to put forward your proposal!