Atlantic Cities in the Breizhacking: Presentation of EYE in Brest

On May 16, 2019, in the framework of the “Rencontre RSE” event, the Atlantic Cities presented the Erasmus program for young entrepreneurs (EYE) at Les Ateliers des Capucins Brest during the Breizhacking business co-development workshop.

The Breizhacking is an exchange and innovation platform that brings together the synergies of the Breton companies and the new companies committed to face the social and environmental challenges of the future. It is an opportunity for the companies already established in Brittany, the startups and the community to create new cooperation ties for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Atlantic Cities presented the EYE program, since it is directly related to the support of youth entrepreneurship in the Atlantic Arc community, however, this program is not only of interest for young entrepreneurs but also for companies that are looking for new ideas and projects or simply outsource their activity

During the presentation, emphasis was placed on the benefits of the program at the level of new entrepreneurial projects, which fits with the purpose of the Breizhacking, and on the development of the Breton business community, especially focused on the development of SMEs. In addition, the conditions of participation and the role of the Atlantic Cities as a point of reference and local information in France that guides the whole process of the exchange were presented.

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