Atlantic Cities’ Internship Offers


Created in 2000, the association “Atlantic Cities” is a European association representing the interests and initiatives of local authorities (cities, metropolises, provinces…) of the western part of Europe, also called “Atlantic Arc” (western part of France / United Kingdom, northern Spain, the Canary Islands and the whole of Ireland and Portugal). It now comprises more than 355 municipalities and 4.5 million inhabitants of the European Atlantic coast.

Its objectives are two: to defend the interests of Atlantic local authorities and to facilitate joint projects at European level. Based in Rennes, it is now a representative organisation, namely:

  1. The only network of local authorities in the Atlantic Arc
  2. An expert by the European institutions
  3. Composed by local authorities of all sizes and shapes
  4. Founding member of C4C (“Cities for Cooperation”)

As part of the Atlantic Futures programme, the association regularly opens places for young people in training interested in the international/European field. Our former interns and volunteers work today in our Secretariat, in European institutions and lobbies or in the French National Research Center, among others.  You can find video testimonials about the Atlantic Futures program here.

Internship Offer 1: European Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs Project

Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs (AYCH) is a project designed to support young talent and their education, entrepreneurship and employability through the development of creative and technological skills. It is co-funded by the ERDF as part of INTERREG Atlantic Area. The project aims to develop an innovative model to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit of young people, who are in school or looking for a job, by targeting the attractive sector of the creative industries. The Atlantic Cities Association is the partner in charge of European communication and transfer of results (= capitalisation).

Missions: Support for the action “professional integration” of AYCH (= Atlantic Futures)
a. Support for the Atlantic Futures transnational program: tutorials, promotion, recruitment
b. “20 years’” actions (eg contact with other hubs, young people who turn 20 in 2020, etc.)
c. Atlantic Marathon, Atlantic Nautical Games
d. Ambassador Network, Atlantic Hall of Fame, Aych KIDS
e. Atlantic Graphics Contest
f. Youth Summit (international conference of young creative people under 30)

Internship offer 2: European EURE Project

The EURE project is funded under the INTERREG EUROPE programme and focuses on the development of urban environmental policies, particularly in the energy sector. The project aims to promote improved urban policies for the development of a more sustainable economy. The Atlantic Cities Network is one of nine project partners working to identify each country’s best experiences in urban environmental policy. To do so, they will use various political instruments, such as the operational programme of the European Regional Development Fund of Brittany (France).

Missions: EURE Blue

Support for the blue growth dimension of the EURE project, in support:
– To the implementation of the project and its local communication
– To the “Ocean” actions identified by the Rennes 2 University study on the future of Atlantic Cities
– In preparation for “blue” events: FIMAR, European Maritime Day, UN Oceans, Sea Tech Week
– In defense of an urban dimension in the Atlantic Maritime Strategy
– In relation to other “blue” projects like She4Sea or the Atlantic regional initiative of the European Space Agency


Master’s level in Law, Social Sciences, Politics or Economics, with a possible specialisation in the European Union.


– Synthesis and writing skills

– Know how to work within a delimited framework with fixed deadlines

– Knowledge of the project cycle and the INTERREG logic

– Mastery of computer tools

– Foreign languages: English B2 and French B1 mandatory. Spanish and Portuguese appreciated.

The trainee must be able to provide an educational convention as part of a training course (master, Erasmus, Youth Guarantee)


Applications (CV in mother tongue and cover letter in English) must be sent by 31/03/2020 to . They must include a reference letter with a telephone number.

Please note that each internship must be applied differently.

Those shortlisted will answer an online questionnaire (1 hour). An interview is also scheduled, via Skype.

The dates for the selection in second season will be known shortly.

Please note that, as part of Atlantic Futures, any application receives brief feedback on its strengths and weaknesses.

Dates: 5 months in 2020