Atlantic Cities works with European Spatial Agency

This November, Atlantic Cities was recognized by the European Spatial Agency as key stakeholder on their Atlantic Regional Initiative. The ESA, European agency dedicated to the exploration of the space, has addressed the need to develop a portfolio on the Atlantic region for space applications due to its geostrategic position and political relevance. Thus, the ESA has launched the Atlantic Regional Initiative.

The Atlantic Regional Initiative focusses on Earth Observation (EO) research and development, downstream activities and ICT evolution that could bring future investments and other opportunities to the region. At this moment, there are in place different fora to address the various challenges within the regions, including sustainable management of the environment, urban development, economic development, resource management and cultural heritage.

In this regard, Atlantic Cities has been recognized as the unique urban forum of the region due to its experience on developing intraregional cooperation that will take part of an initial group of stakeholders, formed by other twelve actors. In January 2019, Ms. Espiñeira has spoken about the common urban challenges for in the region, such as specific effects of climate change, a changing demography, a complex geographical position and a lack of communication between nodal points.

Atlantic Cities Members interested to know more are kindly requested to contact Ms. Espiñeira.