Pascal Dagron : Wind is the element of the Atlantic Arc

Discover the answers of Pascal Dagron, coordinator of AC3A, to the Atlantic portrait

  1. If I were a language, I would be… French
  2. If I were an Arc Atlantic region, I would be… Brittany
  3. If I were an Atlantic symbol, I would be… Boat
  4. If I were a member of a Celt tribute, I would be… Bigouden
  5. If I were an Atlantic element, I would be…Wind
  6. If I were a music instrument (Celt), I would be… Electric harp
  7. If I were an Atlantic song, I would be… Atlantic City “Bruce Springsteen”
  8. If I were an Atlantic event, I would be… Celtic festival in Lorient

The annual Conference of the Atlantic stakeholders will be held in Dublin on September 27, 2016. During this event, the “City Atlantic of the year 2017“, organized by the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities (CAAC) will be awarded by political representatives of the Atlantic Arc and the European institutions. Nominations are open until September 15, 2016.