Atlantic City of the Year: Brest Métropole Océane

The Atlantic City of the Year is an acknowledgement of the efforts of Atlantic Arc Cities to find sustainable development models appropriate to their geographical identity. This annual contest seeks to reward excellence in Atlantic cities, members or not of the network, in the implementation of exemplary policies in the fields covered by the Charter of San Sebastian. Contest rules and justification have been inspired by the Executive Bureau of the CAAC, who has decided to leave anonymous the other contestants, out of respect for their efforts.

2013, European Year of Citizens has been chosen as the release year of this competition, to signify the indissoluble link between cities and their inhabitants. A link that this year’s winner, Brest Métropole Océane (BMO), has clearly understood.  Strongly linked to its maritime identity, Brest Metropole Oceane has been rewarded for its smart, sustainable and inclusive governance.

Chosen by unanimity, BMO has received the award at the General Assembly of the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities, from the hand of outgoing President, Philippe Duron (Caen) and the new president Carlos Negreira (A Coruña), who highlighted:

– The urban environmental excellence: the new tram, the Climate Plan, the “Capital of the Marine and Coastal Biodiversity”

– Innovative economic growth: its pole of maritime development

– Its social policy: facilitated access to new technologies and culture

– The Atlantic and Maritime identity : Chairman of CAAC Sustainable Development Commission, representing the network in the Atlantic Forum, organizer of a Forum and a General Assembly…

Brest Métropole Oceane symbolizes the spirit of the Atlantic cities working from today to shape tomorrow the future of Europe.

The 2015 edition will open for applications next December 15th, 2013.

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