Atlantic Creativity: IMAGINAATLANTICA

Photo by Tamara Guirao, CAAC Coordinator
Photo by Tamara Guirao, CAAC Coordinator

AIRE 198 is an association of French cities regrouping Angoulême, Poitiers, Niort et La Rochelle. Through this network, all four agglomerations participate in the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities. Currently presiding AIRE 198, Angoulême is currently leading an Atlantic Area project, IMAGINAATLANTICA, whose objective is to create an Atlantic cluster focused on new image technologies and their application in the innovative digital promotion of Atlantic Heritage.

These days, December 13th and 14th, Angoulême has hosted an International Conference on Creative Territories, with the following topics:

  • Clusters, networks and organisations necessary to support the competitiveness of the economy and businesses related to the digital technology sector?
  • International Cooperation as part of innovation and support for digital art?
  • The European market for heritage and development of imaging technologies: trends and prospects.
  • Training and exchanges on delivery support in innovative cooperative projects
  • Creative Industries, creative territories: a new stimulus for development in Europe?

CAAC, who was there represented by its coordinator, Ms. Tamara Guirao, supports the project and shares its good practice among member cities through its communication media and presentations at the networks’ events. Ms. Guirao also assisted the IMAGINAATLANTICA partnership on the 12th, at the Steering Committee of the project.

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