Atlantic Futures: October Opportunities

The association of Atlantic Cities works, inside the Atlantic Futures’ programme, towards a better integration of students and young professionals in the European projects.

So as to start in October or by the end of September the following opportunities are open:

INTERREG projects – IVY programme:
The IVY programme offers a first experience in territorial cooperation projects. For the Atlantic Cities’ young experts involved it has proven its worth as career boost, as 4 out of 5 are currently working in other European organisations as project managers.

Three opportunities are currently open, two inside AYCH project and one inside ECORIS3.
Registration and formalities are provided by the IVY programme, please check!

INTERREG project – Territorial Cooperation and sustainable development
6 month internship (an agreement with the University is compulsory) working with local authorities so as to develop links between their sustainable strategies and EU policy.
An excellent command of French is mandatory.

Contact and how to send applications: (All applications receive feedback)
A curriculum vitae (mother tongue) and a letter of motivation (second language)

EYE – Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is an exchange program funded by the European Union with the participation of Atlantic Cities as a point of contact with France. The program offers opportunities to two types of entrepreneurs: the new ones who do not have any experience, but have a business project and the most experienced with less than 3 years of having created a business project.

The opportunities are not only for young entrepreneurs but also for host entrepreneurs, who must be owners or directors of a medium or small company (SME) with a minimum of 3 years, or members of an administrative board. They must play a role of tutors for the Erasmus while benefiting from acquiring an international vision, finding solutions to problems, creating opportunities for cooperation between regions and finding greater motivation.

Contact and how to send applications: (All applications receive feedback)