“Atlantic Futures”: A program for the Atlantic cities

The Atlantic Futures program, created by the Atlantic Cities, has as its main purpose to offer scholarship opportunities for young people in our member cities, specifically in departments related to European cooperation and affairs. However, the program also establishes opportunities for the member cities of our network, according to the following profiles:

a) Reception of Interns
Interns will have support missions in the city that receives them. These can revolve around the city’s international relations, administration support, reports, European projects, international events, communication activities among others, according to the profile of the intern.

b) Mobility for offcials
Likewise, the program allows officials to participate, while promoting the exchange of perspectives and acquired skills related to local institutions. Officials may carry out project support activities in the city of Rennes or make a practical visit to Brussels and / or to a European project.

For more information on the operation and requirements of the program, do not hesitate to contact our secretariat. Remember that Atlantic Cities seeks to promote citizen participation initiatives. We will wait for you!