Atlantic networks togheter for a transnational governance

As part of the implementation of the Atlantic strategy, Atlantic networks propose to work together, in order to:

  • Get to know better each other and understand issues related to the labor of their organization (geographic and/or sectoral).
  • Have a better insight of the axes of the Atlantic Strategy so as to proposed joint action in order to enhance shared purposes.
  • Contribute to the leadership of the Atlantic strategy considering concerted actions.

This first meeting took place on 27 September in the premises of the AC3A (Agricultural Chambers of the Atlantic Arc ) in Nantes. The representatives of Atlantic organisations (CAAC, AAC, RTA and AC3A) have agreed to turn the governance of this working group among themselves. Thus, the AC3A which welcomed this first meeting will ensure the secretariat inter networks Atlantic (IRA) until the next meeting, where it will be taken off by CAAC.

In this first round table: the four Atlantic organizations were presented in turn by their different representatives:

  • AC3A Pascal Dagron, Policy Advisor
  • CAAC Charles Nicol Secretary-General and Tamara Guirao, Coordinator
  • RTA Arantxa Lopez Policy Advisor
  • AAC Pauline Caumont Executive Secretary.

All the networks insisted on the importance of feeding the Atlantic Strategy with concrete proposals. They also see their role as key for a real transnational governance of the Atlantic Strategy.

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