Atlantic Transnational Network


The ATN is a platform for cooperation of civil society in the Atlantic Area. It was officially formed on September 19th, 2003, at the first session of the plenary organisation, the Orientations Committee.

This transnational network is composed of Economic and Social Councils of the Atlantic Area regions and in the case where such institutions don’t exist, by analogous regional organisations.

The Atlantic Transnational Network has established a permanent cooperation with the Atlantic Arc Commission (AAC) of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions.

The network’s main objective is the development of cooperation between the civil society’s socioprofesional representatives in order to influence european policies towards the Atlantic coast.

The cooperation is organized through :

  • Regular contacts between network members
  • Exchange of experiences on topics of shared interest
  • Publication of thematic studies and contributions
  • The issuance of common views on any matter concerning the European regions of the Atlantic Arc / the European Arc Atlantic regions and mutual cooperation, proposals for a better European integration development of this area.

The network defines recommendations and proposals on projects and interregional cooperation policies intended for european institutions, to promote policies that favour the peripheral regions with common problematics, to improve the integration of the Atlantic regions or to strengthen their competitiveness and their social and territorial cohesion.


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