Benefits of the Atlantic Diet

GALIAT 6+7 is a R + D + i pioneer project to prove the health benefits of the Atlantic Diet. It is powered by six companies and seven scientific groups. It includes six Galician companies , Bodegas Terras Gauda , Pazo de Rivas, Olei Oil Gallego, Rosaleira , Friscos and Quescrem and seven scientific groups involved : Biological Mission Galicia -CSIC (Group Viticulture and Brassica Group ) , Research Institute of Marine Sciences -CSIC ( Chemistry Group of Marine Products) , Clinical Hospital of Santiago Ramón Domínguez – CHUS Foundation, Dairy Classroom – USC , Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of medicine – USC and Department of Analytical Chemistry and Food of the University of Vigo .

So partners develop GALIAT 6 +7 (Galicia Atlantic Food ) to develop INNGAL AGROMAR HEALTH , a pioneer and integrated R & D strategy based on an alliance to capitalize on synergies and transfer knowledge to society in order to demonstrate the salutary effect of certain Galician indigenous foods that are part of the Atlantic Diet . Indigenous products included in the project have been chosen to present features or compounds, as previous work of researchers has proven different beneficial health effects.

The pathologies associated with obesity and cardiovascular risks are detected at increasingly early ages due to the change in lifestyle and food. The project aims to find a balanced and healthy diet, as the Atlantic Galician Diet, may be beneficial to prevent, mitigate or delay such diseases.

The budget for the implementation is € 1,541,953 , with over 800,000 € through the ERDF- Galicia interconnects program ( call 2013) , managed by the Centre for Industrial Technological Development ( CDTI) , part of the Ministry funding Economy and Competitiveness.

The alliance between the six companies , representing the food industry in Galicia, and the seven scientific groups reflects the importance of increasing the application – technical scientific knowledge to the development of new processes, products and services, in a collaborative effort in R + D + I between universities, public research organizations and companies.
In addition, GALIAT 6 +7 aims to contribute to strengthening the public-private partnership between scientists and companies to improve business competitiveness impacting positively on all the food production sector of Galicia.

GALIAT 6 +7 promotes innovation as part of the competitive strategy of companies to achieve product differentiation relative to the competition , create higher value added along the chain, increase productivity and quality , promote internationalization and increase market share.

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