Blue Lab: the Saint-Nazaire Third Place dedicated to innovation

In Saint-Nazaire Urban Community, member and vice-president of Atlantic Cities network, the Blue Lab has opened its doors to present its latest developments.

The FabLab of Saint-Nazaire is a place open to everyone whose objective is to provide the tools of a manufacturing laboratory, dedicated to creation and innovation, to professionals and citizens. The project received support and financial assistance from the Saint-Nazaire Urban Community in the aftermath of the call of proposals launched by the authority in 2017.

Furthermore, the AYCH project at which Atlantic Cities and Saint-Nazaire Urban Community are partners, has opened the very first FabLab of the Interreg Atlantic Area the last month in Lugo. This creative area will be devoted to young people who wish to use tools provided to develop their creativity or even their project with the help of professionals.

If you want further information on implemented initiatives related to creation and innovation by our city’s members and within the AYCH project, please do not hesitate in contacting our Secretariat.