Brest: Citizen Parliament on Sea and Coastal Affairs

The network of Breton Development Councils organizes on 22 November the citizens’ assembly on Sea and Coastal Affairs. This event is part of the process of developing the regional maritime strategy.

The Atlantic Cities will be represented by its president, José Maria Costa, leader of the Portuguese delegation to the Committee of Regions and Mayor of Viana do Castelo. Mister Costa, who is also president of the CIM Alto Minho, will be the keynote speaker of this conference.

The Atlantic CESERs will contribute to these meetings which are labeled Breizh Cop by the Brittany Region. In this sense, Pierre Karleskind, vice-president in charge of the sea and port infrastructures, will be among the speakers.

The event will be moderated by Jean Verger and Guy Jourdan, co-coordinators of the network of Breton Development Councils. Jourdan will be in charge of the synthesis of the works.