Brest Métropole is recruiting agents responsible for European projects

Brest Métropole is vice-president of the Atlantic Cities Association, and a very important city within it. The incredible growth and resilience of the city make it a major asset for Brittany, both in terms of its role on the Atlantic coast and the dynamism it brings to the territory.

Brest Métropole has recently put online 2 job offers, one to become an INTERREG “Preventing Plastic Pollution” project manager, and the other to occupy the position of Project Manager for the Atlantic Youth Creative Hub project.

The two projects that concern these job offers are directly related to Atlantic Cities, because the association is part of them.

Indeed, the AYCH project aims to give professional opportunities to young Europeans, emphasizing the place given to innovation and new technologies.

As for the project INTERREG France (Channel) England – Preventing Plastic Pollution, its objective is to contribute to the reduction of pollution by plastics in different environments, including the Channel Sea.

If you want to throw yourself into an European project that is important to you, click here to apply for these offers!

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