CAAC organizes a seminar on URBACT projects in Gijon

gijon_1This first training seminar was held in Gijón on January 31st, in the Integrated Municipal Center of L’Arena. URBACT project PREVENT aims to reduce the phenomenon of absenteeism and dropout occurs in European countries, and to study the involvement of families in prevention.
The seminar aimed to provide training for the development of the Local Action Plan and examine the specific methodology of URBACT , so it was targeted to the members of the Local Support Group , comprising representatives of the education sector and social institutions of the city, as well as the Departments of Social Welfare and of Education, Culture and Sports , the departments of Public Safety , the Education , Culture, Youth and Celebrations and the Welfare Department and the Municipal Social Services Foundation of Gijón City Council as the entities that lead the project, so their staff was also participating.
After a first reflection on the risk of dropping out from the family academia and students perspective, carried out by researcher Lucía Álvarez Blanco, professor at the University of Oviedo; this Local Training Seminar was taught by Tamara Guirao Espiñeira , Coordinator of the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities and URBACT trainer for LSG’s in Spain.
The seminar is a spin-off of the National Training Seminars carried by URBACT in 2013 and a pilot experience for the “coaching” dimension of the new CAAC Strategic Plan.

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