Call for experts : Prospective Study for the Atlantic Cities

The assessment and analysis of the situation, trends and prospects of Atlantic Cities are an integral part of the Atlantic Urban Strategy.  A prospective study should highlight the current situation, trends and long-term prospects from the field for Atlantic Cities in order to identify emerging opportunities and challenges and position themselves. After almost 20 years of existence, it is compulsory to design a new prospective for the association of the Atlantic Cities.

Gathering information provided by various sources, the study will need to analyze the impact of key internal and external factors that affect the field. Taking into account economic, social, institutional and technological changes, the prospective study will assess policy and strategic planning, will present the range of options available to Atlantic Cities and will describe the different scenarios that may arise from these strategic choices.

CAAC wishes the final prospective study to provide insight into the views of the Atlantic Arc at the local level: challenges, priorities, interests, evolution… Atlantic Cities work in four languages so the possibility of presenting results in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish will be taken into account.

Following the decision of the General Assembly on 06/15/2018, interested experts are invited to submit proposals before 13/07/2018.

Terms of Reference

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