“Campus do Mar” Project: Rehabilitation of a riparian area in Lisbon

The city of Lisbon, Portugal, member of the Atlantic Cities network and decorated as the European Green Capital for 2020, will make a mega investment for the conservation and restoration of a riparian area, which is expected to become an area of ​​union between the land and the sea with large areas for public enjoyment.

The government has announced that it will make an investment of 300 million euros in order to rehabilitate a riparian area located between Pedrouços, Lisboa and Cruz Quebrada, Oeiras, which covers a total of 64 hectares of area to intervene.

In the Atlantic Cities one of our priorities is to promote good practices among our members with special focus on the conservation of the water. Our Ocean and Blue Growth Commission is coordinated by the Metropole of Brest and promotes practices based on the San Sebastián Charter that proposes a green economy model for the future of cities.

Therefore, we consider this project to be a great advance and example for other cities in relation to water conservation and sustainable city models.

We invite other cities to take part in this initiative and share their experience. For more information on the theme of Ocean and Blue Growth, do not hesitate to contact us or you can also visit our Twitter to know all our news.