Cities for Cooperation: Strategic meeting in Barcelona

Cities for Cooperation, also known as C4C is a platform composed by Eixo Atlantico, RIET, Medcities, Adriatic and Ionian Cities and supported by high-level European experts. The organisation creates a critical mass before the European Institutions, so as to defend the interest of the local authorities of the most dynamic cooperation spaces of Europe.

Hosted by Medcities, C4C held its strategic meeting in Barcelona on February 12th. Attended by Eixo, RIET and the Atlantic Cities, the platform confirmed its intention to closely follow-up the evolution of the post-2020 programmes, paying special attention to territorial cooperation and the place for local authorities.

It is worth to highlight, the Atlantic Cities Secretary General, Tamara Espiñeira, took up advantage of this meeting to present the upcoming working session on ecoRIS3 project at the Atlantic Cities General Assembly which will be held next 22nd October in Cherbourg, France. Therefore, EcoRIS3 project, funded under Interreg Europe programme, is aimed bringing together the Quadruple Helix to foster innovative sustainable development within territories.

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