City networks across the Atlantic: TONETA

As experience shows, the twinning of cities has given rise to different urban networks worldwide. The origins of this project lie in the twinning agreement between Niort (France) and Gijón (Spain), cities which continue to co-operate through two city networks: AIRE 198 and the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities (CAAC), together with Cardiff (GB) and the Vale do Ave association (PT).
City networks, especially those created by twinning links, are a natural re-grouping for the exchange of experiences and mutual learning. They are responsible for the dissemination of good practices and actions, not only their own but also those of their members. City networks have the necessary skills and resources to advise and support cities’ initiatives. Hence the impact and importance of city networks is crucial to make the most of twinning.
TONETA, with the support of the European Union “Europe for Citizens” programme, aims to reinforce and improve the networking of cities by improving, promoting and fomenting the different networks which work in the Atlantic area.

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