Cooperation for the Atlantic Arc: General Assembly of the ATN

On 21 May, 2019, the Atlantic Transnational Network (ATN) held in Rennes an Orientation Committee to address different cooperation matters in the Atlantic Arc. The main objective of this network is to develop the interaction between representatives of civil society to influence European policies in favor of the Atlantic coast.

On behalf of the Atlantic Cities, Tamara Espiñeira, Secretary-General, and Tristan de Pananros, expert of the Ocean and Blue Growth Commission of Brest Metropolis, took part in the session “Atlantic Networks” when explaining the objectives and the action plan of the Commission and the position of the network regarding the Atlantic corridor.

During the intervention, the speakers highlighted the challenges in terms of economic, social and innovation development that the sea causes for the cities in the Atlantic Arc, which raises the need to promote synergies between authorities and public groups, research organizations and the companies.

In addition, the network of Atlantic Cities have continued the action for a complete extension of the Atlantic corridor and a better integration of its ports to the central network with the aim of achieving greater territorial cohesion for the balanced development of the EU.

Other activities carried out in the Assembly were the elections of the new president of the ATN and the members of the bureau. If you would like more information about the Atlantic Cities’ cooperation projects, do not hesitate to contact our secretariat.

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