Creative Atlantic cities and citizens in Rennes

The Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities is a project partner of Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs, funded by the INTERREG Atlantic Area programme. The project is led by Devon County Council. There are 14 partners, including three CAAC member cities: Brest Métropole, Gijón and Saint-Nazaire Agglomération.

Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs aims to create new opportunities in the creative sector for the youth of the Atlantic Arc. The goal is for more young people to be able to pursue careers or training in this sector. The next local meeting of the project will be held in Rennes on the 13th of March. Two other local meetings of the project are forecasted in different venues for the 16th.

During this meeting, CAAC will first present the Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs project to stakeholders in Rennes, then have a brainstorming session about cultural exchanges and artist’s residencies among Atlantic Arc Cities with project partners and to end the day, the CAAC Executive Bureau will be convened.

In addition, Rennes Metropole is hosting from the 14th to the 18th, the InOut2018 event. This event envisages to design and test digital mobility in theory and practice during four days in Rennes.


Registrations are open until March 8th in this LINK

**Please note that this will be a very busy week in Rennes so we recommend you to book your travel well in advance !!

** As it is a local event, English language is not guaranteed