Interested in working with us?  Here you will find some useful information

Our General Secretariat, based in Rennes, France, publishes its opportunities in the website as regular news under the section “Talent”. Do not hesitate to follow us on LinkedIn.


You may send a speculative application and become part of our roster. Successful candidates applying for a position at Atlantic Cities’ Secretariat usually have:

  • Level C1 of at least three of the four Atlantic languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish – current staff (2020) speaks and writes the four
  • Minimum of two years’ experience in the field of European projects or lobbies
  • Minimum experience of two years abroad
  • Experience working with a member city, a partner of the association, an internship in our Secretariat or similar background

Promoting talent

As part of our talent program, Atlantic Futures, we offer training on the fields of transnational cooperation/European Union to young people from any background. There are several ways of seizing this opportunity:

*For A, B, D.2 and D.3 at least 2 of our four languages are compulsory.

A) University internship: 2 times a year, a learning agreement with the university is compulsory, you must be a student. Maximum 5 months

B) European mobility: Maximum 5 months

C) PMSMP (Période de Mise en Situation en milieu Professionnel – France only)

  • Through Pole emploi or local missions, young people can ask for a “immersion period” of no more than 1 month in order to acquire a first experience or develop new skills.

D) Other professional training

  • D.1 Vocational Training – 2 months internship maximum
  • D.2 Professional training (degree or master with professional experience, similar to French alternance) – depending on the diploma prepared
  • D.3 Modelling EU affairs: civil servants of our member cities can apply for a week immersion at our headquarters or a 2-day experience in Brussels.
  • D.4 French training contracts (CUI-CAE)
  • D.5 High school internship (similar to French stage d’observation) 2 weeks


Interested? Applications in 2 languages (CV in mother tongue or Atlantic language 1 and cover letter in English) should be sent to rh@atlanticcities.eu

Those shortlisted for any opportunity will answer a screening questionnaire online (1 hour). An interview would also be scheduled, via Skype.

Please note that, as part of Atlantic Futures’ philosophy, any application receives brief feedback on its strengths and weaknesses.