ENSURE project meeting in Cork

On November 5 and 6, will be held in Cork the 4th Steering Committee meeting of the ENSURE project, which includes two of our members and founders of Atlantic Cities (Cork and Brest), as well as the cities of Aalborg and Catania, representatives of the GABA GETC ESPON (European Network of Territorial Observatories) and Universities (Universita degli Stuti di Palermo and University College Dublin).

The project, made possible thanks to the cooperation within the Atlantic Cities network, aims to analyze in depth the experiences and challenges of urban regeneration operations of these 4 port cities and 25 other European maritime cities.

Started in December 2018 with a meeting in Aalborg, the project will end with the presentation of its final report at the end of December 2019, having also made, in June, the reception of all partners in Brest, city president of the Ocean and Blue Economy Commission and host of the European Maritime Day in 2023.

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