Equal Opportunities

The principle of Equal opportunities for all is an essential value for democracies, contributes to the social enrolment and development of its citizens. It is also one of the topics highlighted on the Study on the Future of the Atlantic cities. Some actions recommended are, for example, the importance of fostering employment in seafaring professions and to maintain projects with similar ambitions (employability, knowledge exchange, etc).

In this direction are the She4Sea Campaign that is on its second phase. It aims to make more visible and to promote the work and way of life of the maritime sector among young people, especially girls. Since only 2% of people working in the maritime field are women, it is an opportunity to encourage girls and women to pursue a blue professional career. A seminar was also held at the ITECHMER trade fair in Lorient, one of our member cities.

Also, the AYCH – Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs project of which Gijon and Brest Metropole, are partners, as well as the Atlantic Cities. AYCH contributes to the Equal opportunities, as its objective is to support young talents and their education, entrepreneurship and employability through the development of creative and technological skills.

Atlantic Futures program was developed by Atlantic Cities to promote sustainable economic development by increasing youth employability opportunities and rights by the creation of job experiences in different sectors. All this complemented by the support and training of the Secretary General in a multilingual and multicultural environment.

Our cities have already been acting in this framework too with, for example, the Intergenerational programme launched by Viana do Castelo (Portugal). This program includes people of all ages in social innovation. On the one hand, it attracts young professionals to develop innovative tools for the silver economy. On the other, it fosters intergenerational exchanges, so experience remains a key asset for economy and society.

The Cork Lifelong Learning Festival gathers every year activities as diverse as musical performances, exercise classes, walking tours, historical talks, science lessons, cookery demonstrations, art exhibitions and craft demonstrations and all for free! As a learning city, Cork combines public and private funding for the festival, which was recognised in 2017 by the UNESCO as an innovative practice. It is today being replicated all around the world.

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