The Atlantic Cities network (ACA) is an expert in EU funding. First of all, ACA members are the first to know all the EU funding opportunities that may interest them, thanks to a performing information system. Secondly, ACA is a support facility in drafting, following up and assessing EU projects for its members. Third, ACA undertakes partnership in some key EU projects so its members can take stock of the results.

For the current period, those are:


Under the topic of Research of Innovation the ECORIS3 project was launched in January 2017 until 31st December 2021with a total budget of 1.707.210,00 €.

At this project, apart from Atlantic Cities also our City members of Cork (Ireland) and San Sebastian (Spain) are partners.

The project main aim is the transfer of innovation and knowledge produced by the RTOs (Research and Technological Organisations) and higher education to the local & regional businesses as it remains one of the most important gaps and difficulties in terms of Innovation & Growth. It is key to generate economic exploitation of the R&D results and particularly important in local & regional areas of Smart Specialisation (RIS3) and innovation opportunity. Also, there is a clear need to improve and connect regional Challenges and Opportunities of RIS3, to local innovation policies and stakeholders, highlighting the role of the “territory” as the place where interlinkages happen and knowledge flows. For such purpose, regional & local authorities should play a key role of intermediation and, in accordance to ecoRIS3 objectives, promote better policies and measures to generate solid interactions between key stakeholders, to orchestrate sustainable innovation ecosystems within RIS3 strategies responding to the existing challenges and gaps.

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Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs – AYCH

Under the topic of Stimulating Innovation and Competitiveness AYCH project was launched in October 2017 until 1st April 2021 with a total budget of 4.227.620,00 €.

At this project, apart from Atlantic Cities also our City members of Gijon (Spain) and Brest Metropole (France) are partners. Moreover, CARENE – Saint-Nazaire Agglomération (France) is an associated member.

Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs (AYCH) is a project built for integrating best practice and knowledge, supporting young talents and their education, entrepreneurship and employability through the development of creative and technological skills. It is co-financed by ERDF under INTERREG Atlantic Area. The project aims at developing an innovative model to reinforce the entrepreneurship of young people, schooled or looking for a job, by targeting the attractive field of the creative industries. Within multidisciplinary workspaces (the Hubs), it must allow the meeting between youngsters from different horizons and the agents that facilitate entrepreneurship (co-working spaces, support structures), support young people (integration, orientation or training structures) and creation (fab labs and other third places, professionals in the targeted industries).

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Under the topic of Environment and Resource Efficiency, EURE project was launched in August 2019 until 31st July 2023 with a total budget of 1.533.753,00 €.

At this project, apart from Atlantic Cities, area also partners, The Eixo Atlántico, one of the Cities for Cooperation platform- C4C– members .

EURE is a project funded by Interreg Europe programme, a programme financed by the European Regional Development Funds, and it is composed by a broad range of partners from all Europe from Spain to Latvia or Cyprus.

The project is focused on the development of effective urban environment policies in peripheral and low density territories.

To this regard, Atlantic Cities is working taking as a basis the Brittany Region Operational Programme Axe 3 focused on energy efficiency, a key element to achieve sustainability in urban areas.

Therefore, by exchanging best practices within EURE partners through Study Visits, the drafting of a Joint Report and the establishment of Local Stakeholders Group, the goal is to achieve proper environmental performance management at the local level.

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