Exchanges and Cooperation

As a network of cities, the Atlantic Cities promotes transnational cooperation across the entire Atlantic Arc:

The exchange of good practices allows our members to get in touch with the best ideas in Europe through our constant monitoring of opportunities and our wide network of contacts. Inside the Atlantic Arc, we foster the share of successful practices between our members, by organizing conferences and events at local and international level,  but also by giving visibility to it through our social medias and web page.

Thematic Commissions work as the technical engine of the Atlantic Cities Association. Our commissions are an effective way of implementing the strategical plan of the Association,  and our member cities projects, gathering  common interests and translating them into action. Chaired by a member-city the commissions centralize working groups, position papers and European projects of the same topic, facilitating the sharing of knowledge and practices.

Working Groups are created in order to discuss around a specific temporary topic (ex. the revision of EU’s Urban Agenda) or a situation that needs a common solution. The group allows debate and brainstorming, the sharing of common experiences and the creation of ad-hoc initiatives between our member cities, facilitating communication and cooperation.

International Conferences can be organized around key topics, in order to foster the exchange of practices and solutions, but also to attract visibility to the matter. The gathering of experts, politicians and citizens is also a great opportunity for networking.

Cooperation can also be built through town twinning. Most of our members are twinned between then, allowing to cooperate in topics which can be very specific (water management, energy efficiency, etc.) or not (culture, tourism, etc.). Also, many have twinning links across the Atlantic Ocean, ensuring our connection and cooperation with other continents.

European Projects: EU financed projects are a great way to get that financial boost needed to implement initiatives of our cities. At Atlantic Cities we go further than advising for a concrete funding call. Networking ensures that our members can benefit of the results of our projects, transferring successful methodologies and approaches, during our General Assemblies and other meetings, for example.

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