French mayors on the crisis

Dominique Voynet, Philippe Duron, and Alain Maurice, the mayors of major cities gathered in the town hall of Paris for the annual conference of the AMGVF speak on the current crisis. They point to fiscal discipline, the failures of the tax reform, or the persistence of poor distribution of powers between levels of gouvernance. The role of the state, authoritarian while impecunious, is once again strongly criticized by local officials.

Thus, Mayors support the creation of a funding agency for local governments, which would provide three-quarters of public investment. This agency, called “strategic” by the President of the Association of Mayors of France (AMF) Jacques Pélissard (UMP), should come next year and allow communities to have reliable resources.

Moreover, French mayors also want urban policies to become a national priority, with “substantial financial resources while making savings on its administrative organization.” They call to adopt the principle of a second urban renewal program. They want to fight against the phenomena of ghettoization.

Finally they suggest to better take into account the traditions and cultural practices and religious diversity, “while still demanding respect for the principles and values of the Republic.”
The AMGVF, founded in 1974, consists of 97 cities or groups of municipalities of at least 100,000 inhabitants.

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