Funding opportunities for the Atlantic cities: Urban Mobility

Mobilities in the territories of the Atlantic Arc is a major challenge, and this became evident all along our key contributions to the future of the European Urban Agenda and main economic, social and territorial cohesion elements.

So as to get the most of European opportunities, Atlantic Cities works as a fundraiser on behalf of its members. Thus, the network was present in order to get practical information on urban accessibility and connectivity funds to transfer it to our city members and our EURE project partners.

On 6th December took place in Brussels an info session on the upcoming call for proposals concerning the ERA-NET Cofund focused on Urban Accessibility & Connectivity.   This call applies to result oriented data towards the improvement of smart green & integrated transports in cities. A unique opportunity of improvement for our cities through a strategic research approach.

This call will be open on 17th December and it will be closed on 17th march.

Since July 2019, Atlantic Cities has been working on the EURE project, co-financed by Interreg Europe programme. This project is committed with the effectiveness of environmental urban policies. Thus, engaging a green multimodal approach is crucial in terms of transport at local level.

If your city wishes to be advised on EU opportunities, it is the moment to consider joining!