The collection of information through a permanent informational strategic monitoring is part of the function of the Atlantic Cities association: a network of territorial intelligence. Thus, the activities of the Atlantic Cities secretariat are focused both on the management of European projects (linked to the themes of the network) and on the representation of the interests of its members at European level.

This gives paramount importance to the search for funding for our members. Thanks to our more than 20 years of experience, efficient monitoring and our human scale, our members are advised in their large-scale projects. For example, our EU Calls newsletter is the materialization of our business intelligence activities. Each month our members receive a newsletter containing between fifteen and thirty European, national, public and private funding opportunities. It is an exclusive and targeted selection of the several calls, most of which are not known to the general public.

Our objective as an association is to facilitate and promote the development of the Atlantic territories, thus, attracting funding and finding projects is natural to our action. We work with each of our members to define their European strategy and reinforce it through the network’s logic. This logic attracts synergies and new opportunities and makes it easier not only to translate local projects into European actions but also to find reliable and efficient partners for cooperation projects.