Official Meeting of the Atlantic Cities 2019 in Cherbourg

IMPORTANT: The Atlantic Cities’ General Secretariat is currently looking for the best possible alternatives regarding the transport to bring you to Cherbourg, do not hesitate to contact us in this regard.

On October 22, 2019, the Cotentin Agglomeration will host the Official Meeting of Atlantic Cities in the city of Cherbourg. On this occasion the association will begin preparations for the celebration of its first 20 years.

This event will be framed by the presentation of the EcoRIS3 project under the theme “Researching and sharing best practices in Regional Innovation Systems – Promoting sustainable enterprises and contributing to regional economic growth and employment”.

Several workshops throughout the day will be held, each one will address different positions of the innovation systems, such as: “Public sector and innovative systems” or “Civil society: tools and platforms”. Contributing jointly to the main theme of the meeting.

As an important fact, this Official Meeting will be the beginning of the preparation for the celebration of the 20 years of Atlantic Cities. On July 7, 2000, the then mayor of the city of Rennes, Mr. Edmond Hervé, founded the association that is currently a European reference for cooperation and territorial development.

Please, keep in mind that in adequacy to our environmental values, no printed copy of the archives will be provided during the event. Each participant must decide the best way to consult the documents, although as far as possible we recommend not using paper.