General Assembly of the Atlantic Arc Commission


On 16 and 17 May 2013, as part of the agreement between both organisations and the cooperation between regions and cities in the Atlantic Arc, CAAC was invited to participate at the General Assembly of the Atlantic Arc Commission in Porto, being represented there by its Secretary-General, Charles Nicol and its Coordinator, Tamara Guirao.
The event analysed the current situation of EU policies in the Atlantic Arc, specially concerning the results of the Atlantic Forum. The Action Plan of the Atlantic Strategy, presented in May 13th by the European Commission and the projects of INTERREG Atlantic Area were also discussed. The Atlantic Arc Commission also renewed the presidencies of the Working Groups: Marine Renewable Energies, Transport and Fisheries.
The Joint document from the Atlantic networks on the governance of the Atlantic Forum was also put for approval. Ms. Guirao intervened there to recall that Atlantic Networks are not lobbies, neither for profits but the accomplishment of the political will of the territories that have decided to work together through formal structures. She insisted on the key role played by the Atlantic Networks, and on the need to take them on board when planning the next programming period 2014-2020.

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