Gijon gives voice to its citizens

Citizen participation is one of the three themes of work of the Atlantic Cities, both in its Thematic Commission, led by A Coruña, and for its importance in the European projects of the network. These initiatives focus on new models of cities that are beginning to promote the participatory economy and new policies and trends that are turning to the future of European cities.

Gijon, the founding city of the network of Atlantic Cities, saw its initiative of citizen participation elected “Interreg Europe Good Practice» during the third workshop within the framework of the project EcoRIS3. The municipality of Gijon has responded to the need to increase efficiency, transparency and participatory democracy by changing its functioning.

At the heart of its transformation is a digital platform that allows residents to share responsibility for governance, city management and helping them become a stronger, more vibrant place to live and work., the main website, gathers 258 graphs and 34 thematic maps based on 3,943,680 datasets (collected in 2016).

Two other platforms: and complete and strengthen the involvement of citizens.

If you are preparing other projects on citizen participation, do not hesitate to contact us, the Secretariat can help you in your search for partners.