Grand Potiers launches an experiment to promote carpooling between home and work

Klaxit is a mobile application for connecting colleagues who make the same journey each day. The goal is to promote carpooling, to reduce pollution in the city.

This solution, in addition to being environmentally friendly, allows the driver to save on gasoline. Moreover, car sharing reduces traffic jams and unclogs car parks. Finally, it allows making contact between colleagues.

Since September, numerous trips have been proposed by Grand Poitiers to 6 employers including 2 hospitals and the Futuroscope.

Grand Poitiers, a member city of the Atlantic Cities, is therefore taking a step towards more sustainable urban development by focusing on innovative means of mobility.

The Atlantic Cities is a partner of the EURE project, which aims to make better use of European funds in the context of sustainable urban development. Visit the website to learn more!