How the Atlantic Arc can help your city to win the Game of Thrones


A geek briefing by Tamara Guirao, CAAC Coordinator

The Game of Thrones books and series show how competition can get though when reaching a certain scale of ambition. But, if your city is located in the Atlantic regions of France, U.K., Ireland, Spain or Portugal, there is good news for you. The Atlantic Urban Forum, the Atlantic Arc, can serve you as the definite strategy. Let’s see how, from GoT rules: 

The King’s Peace

The seven kingdoms are united under a single monarch that has to be respected. As for the Atlantic Arc, this sovereign is substituted by a concept: cooperation. Cooperation is king. Inside the Atlantic Urban Network, CAAC, cities work with each other in order to find synergies for growth in the Atlantic territories


After almost fifteen years of working together, CAAC members act like a happy marriage. Project proposals, international conferences, exchanges and joint communication, live upon these bonds. In addition, CAAC secretariat can help member cities to find the suitable partners, in the Atlantic Area or all around Europe through CECICN.


It seems obvious, but a network, networks. CAAC activity builds on a bottom-up scale, trying to reach citizens through representatives of the civil society, university, private sector or other public authorities such as counties or agglomerations. Everybody is welcome to add up!


Kingship is elective at CAAC. Every year we choose the “Atlantic City of the Year” who will receive special attention from CAAC Secretariat (and, of course, the rest of Europe) in the year of selection. Wanna rule them all?

Any other rule to be settled?

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