Innovation and Research

Innovation and research are nowadays the talk of the towns. In this fast-paced world, keep up with the technological developments and new ideas is one of the keys to success. That’s why it is one of the topics identified at the Study on the Future of the Atlantic cities

The creation of “participative spaces” for the Atlantic Arc citizens was proposed, as a way to encourage active citizenship and develop a sense of cultural solidarity. This could be translated, for example, into a network of Atlantic Universities and Laboratories, that would accelerate the share researches and innovations, creating synergies across the Atlantic Arc

Our cities know that and that’s why through the whole Atlantic Arc we can find remarkable examples of urban innovative actions: The Saint-Nazaire Urban Community has installed the Blue Lab, a place open to everyone whose objective is to provide the tools of a manufacturing laboratory, dedicated to creation and innovation, to professionals and citizens.

The cities of Cork (Ireland) and San Sebastian (Spain) together with the Atlantic Cities are also partners at the EcoRIS3 project, which is focused on the promotion of intelligent specialization not only in the academic, public and business (the triple helix) but also within the framework of the civil society (quadruple helix), improving local innovation of ecosystems.

On the same line, other projects that our cities are developing and that are worth mentioning are AYCH – the Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs, focused on the creation of hubs as spaces of creativity and innovation for the young people; The ADSA, that Supports Atlantic digital startups to go international; and the ProtoAtlantic, that aims to develop and validate a model for the prototyping and exploitation of innovative ideas in the maritime sector in the Atlantic Area.

Brest Metropole is working on the development of schools in the Naval and Defense sector. In this respect, we can mention the

The Cotentin Agglomeration is the first in the region to create specialized training in strategic sectors, renewable energies, nuclear energy, and the creation of incubators within universities (with 2000 students). In this respect, Contentin has developed a network of research laboratories in different fields, positioning itself as a Land of Innovation thanks to a good articulation of the Agglomeration with the Laboratories.

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